Millander, Steve - History

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        Name: Steve Millander                            
        Subject: Government / Economics 12th
                           / Career Preparedness / Psychology
         I am a 1986 graduate of Hokes Bluff High School, class of 1986. Graduate of JSU a BS in Marketing from Jacksonville State University 1992. In 1998 I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from JSU. In 2002 I earned a Master's Degree from JSU in Education concentrating in Social Science. Graduate of Lincoln Memorial University with an EDs in Curriculum and Instruction.

    I have been teaching 19 years. I currently teach 12th grade Government / Economics, 11th grade Career Preparedness, and 10th grade U.S. History.


    1st Period - Planning
    2nd Period - 12th grade Government / Economics
    3rd period - 12th grade Government / Economics
    4th Period - Study Hall / Credit Recovery
    5th Period - 10th American History
    6th Period - 12th Government / Economics
    7th Period - 10th American History