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American Government Textbook

Voting Rights News Articles

Kansas Voting Rights -- New York Times
Alabama Voting Rights - New York Times
IVoting Registration - New York Times
Texas Voting Rights - New York Times
Voting Rights Under Attack - New York Times

Career Assessment


Analyzing Political Cartoons.docx


2nd Amendment Debate Websites

Mass Shootings in U.S.
Mass Shooting History In US
Mass Shooting Timeline
Gun Control and Mass Shootings
Why is the US #1 in Mass Shootings
How the NRA Rewrote the 2nd Amendment
Gun Rights Win a Major Victory in Federal Court
The Second Amendment - An Absurd Thing in Our Constitution
Contentious Gun Debate Coming
Court Cases
Court Cases II
Gun Control and the Supreme Court​​​​​​​​​​


Decentralization v. Centralization.doc

Civil Rights Webquest
Click the above link to open a PDF.  It will have hyperlinks to help you find the answers. 
Government Simulation
Civil Liberties v. Civil Rights

Time Magazine Article on Funeral Protest

Reading List #1

Reading List #2

The Judicial Branch Websites and Documents

Judicial Activism v. Judicial Restraint (Doc)

Presidential Simulation

Click link;  From the drop down menu choose chapter 14; select iLrn Simulations on left 


Election PPT

Political Websites:

http://www.tahg.org/module_display.php (History/Political Lessons - Interactive)

http://games.toast.net/independence/ (Citizenship Test)

http://games.toast.net/presidents/ (Presidential Trivia)

http://games.toast.net/supremecourt/ (Supreme Court Trivia)

http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/web_games.htm (Map Games)

http://typology.people-press.org/typology/ - Political Party Test

http://www.politicalcompass.org/test - Political Culture Test

Online Test & Quizzes

http://www.quia.com/rr/32433.html (American Government)

http://www.quia.com/quiz/251820.html (Federalists & Anti-Federalists)

http://www.quia.com/quiz/211114.html (Articles of Confederation & Constitutional Convention)

http://politicalquiz.net/ Political Party Quiz

Political Parties

http://2008election.procon.org/viewresource.asp?resourceID=1570 ~ Scavenger Hunt

http://www.quia.com/quiz/211118.html (Articles of Confederation & Constitutional Convention part 2)

http://wps.ablongman.com/long_edwards_ga_12/33/8514/2179716.cw/index.html (Constitution Quiz)