Kangelos, Pamela - Science
Welcome to Honors Biology and Biology Class! As this year has progressed, students have become acquainted with the laboratory process as well as how my classroom works on a daily basis. Students very quickly learn to do work when it is assigned as this makes up the bulk of their grade. We have 3 -4 assessments per 9 weeks. I usually have assignments posted on my board in my classroom on a weekly basis.
Students can also join Google classroom and this information is on their syllabus from the beginning of the year.
Sometimes we take notes in class or do labs to reinforce or learn new concepts, but students get varied teaching methods. This should help them find a method or style of learning which is appropriate for them.
Make-up work is due within 3 days of an absence and for every day it is late, there is a 10% deduction on the grade. This applies to all late work. I send home a mid-9 week progress report and ask all students to get a parent/guardian signature on it.