Grading Procedure
1. Chapter Test - 100 points each.
2. Daily Test - All daily tests are added together for one major test grade.
3. All chapter work will be a 100-point major test grade.
4. Points (10) will be deducted off of your daily grade average when assignments are not turned in.  Also a five-page report will be added to any assignment you don't turn in.
5. Every other Friday five subject related articles are due for a 100 point test grade.
Driver Education Syllabus                                                                     
Week 1 Chapter 1 Assessing and Managing Risk           
             Chapter 2 Your State Driving Test                
             Chapter 3 Knowing Yourself                             
             Chapter 4 Handling Social Pressures    
Week 2 Chapter 5 Signs, Signals, and Markings             
             Chapter 6 Rules of the Road                      
             Chapter 7 Getting to Know Your Vehicle             
             Chapter 8 Starting, Steering, Stopping               
Week 3 Chapter 9 Basic Driving Skills
             Chapter 10 Turning and Parking
             Chapter 11 Driving Environment
             Chapter 12 Light and Weather Conditions
Week 4 Chapter 13 Sharing the Roadway
             Chapter 14 Natural Law and Driving
             Chapter 15 Responding to an Emergency
             Chapter 16 Buying a Vehicle
Week 5 Chapter 17 Vehicle Systems and Maintenance
             Chapter 18 Planning a Trip
Week 6 Behind the wheel instructions and observation
Health Syllabus
Week 1  Chapter 2 Your Personal Fitness Program
Week 2  Chapter 11 Tobacco- Pick your poison
Week 3  Chapter 12  Alcohol- A Risk to you Well Being
Week 4  Chapter 13  Drug  Abuse and Illegal Drugs
Week 5  Chapter 28 A Matter of Life and Death
Week 6  Chapter 30  Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Week 7  Chapter 27  Providing First Aid
Week 8  CPR Training
Week 9  Review FINALS