Pre-Calculus Syllabus

Mrs. Amy Lemons

Course Description taken from the Alabama Course of Study

Pre-Calculus is designed primarily for those students considering careers in mathematical or scientific fields of study. Following the successful completion of Algebra II with Trigonometry, students are prepared for this challenging curriculum that includes an expanded study of polynomial functions, conic sections, logarithmic and exponential equations, and the real-life applications of these topics.

Students are challenged to defend and support their conclusions from problematic situations. Working in both individual and group settings, student apply a variety of problem-solving strategies, incorporating the use of graphing calculators or other technological tools that extend beyond the traditional paper and pencil drill and practice.

Class Policies

All students are expected to devote 100% of class time to improving the understanding of the current concept. This includes coming to class prepared and ready to learn. Pre-Calculus requires extra time outside the classroom, as well, for practice and group study sessions. It is the responsibility of the student to request work when absent and schedule time with the teacher for tutoring or conference.

Strands for Pre-calculus

     A. Functions

     B. Rate of Change

     C. Accumulation

     D. Piecewise, e, ln x, exponential

     E. Point-slope, negative exponents

     F. Unit circle and trig equations

     G. Interpreting tables, graphs

     H. Limits

Materials Needed

All Pre-Calculus students must have a graphing calculator. TI-84 Plus is the calculator used in the classroom by the teacher, however, any graphing calculator will be sufficient. A pack or two of large note cards, paper, binder, and pencils are also required.

Grading Scale

The overall grade comes from Homework/Classwork (35%) and Tests and Quizes (65%).