2015-2016 SYLLABUS                                   ALGEBRA 1                           MRS. NAPPER

Course Objective: The objective for this course will correspond with the Alabama Course of Study.

Course Text: Glencoe Algebra 1

To Parents: Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child and their progress in this math class. The most efficient way to contact me is by email, but you may also call the school or meet with me for a conference during my planning period. My planning period is daily from 12:58 to 1:48. You can also keep track of your child’s assignments and grades through INow.

Email:                  HBMS Phone: (256) 492-1963


  • (1) three-ring binder
  • Pencils (Assignments completed in pen will NOT be accepted.)
  • Loose leaf notebook paper
  • Scientific calculator
  • Dividers (3 tabs total)
  • Graph paper
  • Textbook

Class Rules:

  1. Be respectful. (Respect the teacher, yourself, classmates and their belongings, and property of the classroom. Do not interrupt the teacher or a classmate when they are talking.)
  2. Be responsible. (Always be in your seat and ready to begin class with all materials when the bell rings.)
  3. Be resourceful. (If you have a question, first refer back to your notes, then ask a classmate, and lastly ask me if you cannot find the information you are seeking.)
  4. Students must also follow the Hokes Bluff Middle School rules and the Etowah County Board of Education Code of Conduct at all times.


  • 1st offense: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd offense: Break detention
  • 3rd offense: Conference with student, parent contact, and write-up
  • 4th offense: Write-up and office referral

Any student who cannot abide by the classroom rules, school rules, and board policies will be disciplined according to these consequences and the Etowah County Board of Education Code of Conduct.

Grading Policy:

  • Homework/Classwork: 5-30 points
  • Notebook Quizzes: 40 points
  • Quizzes: 50 points
  • Tests/ Projects: 100-200 points

Final grades are the average between points earned and points possible each nine weeks. Students will receive progress reports mid-term each nine weeks to be signed and returned. Grades can be checked at any time during the school year through INow.

Make-Up Work:

Students are responsible for any missed work during absences. It is their responsibility to get the assignment turned in on time. Missed assignments not turned in within 3 days are subject to point deductions.

Late Work:

Any work received late from a student will count for half credit.

Make-Up Test:

It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a make-up test. All tests not made up in the allotted time will result in a zero.


Notebooks should be kept in a three-ring binder with dividers. Students should label dividers bellwork, classwork, and homework. There will be a notebook quiz before each test. This will quiz students on notebook organization from previous assignments. It will also be used as study material for each test.


Cheating will NOT be tolerated. Any student caught cheating will receive a zero on the assignment, the parent/guardian will be notified, and they will automatically receive a write-up.

Course Overview:

The following is a general idea of what will be covered this year in my class.

  • Integers, Linear Equations, Exponents and Exponential Functions, Polynomials and Factoring, Radicals, Linear Equations and Functions, Graphing, Quadratic Equations and Functions, Rational Equations and Functions

***I would also like to remind you that successful completion of this course counts as a high school credit. It will be the first grade to go towards their high school GPA.

I look forward to a great year at HBMS!

Thank you, Melissa Napper

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