Our History

Hokes Bluff High School was created in 1935, with the first graduating class finishing in 1938. The Hokes Bluff area had many small rural schools from the early days. These were usually one room buildings built by local citizens who hired teachers to come and stay for the year. One of the bigger schools was located near the present day Hokes Bluff Elementary School, across the street on the hill. This was the Hokes Bluff School. It contained grades one through eight. In the early 1930s, many people in the Hokes Bluff area pushed for a high school. Students who wanted to attend high school had to travel to other schools such as Gadsden High or Glencoe. Finally in 1935 the new school was completed with students attending grades one through nine and moving up a grade each year.

In 1940 the school burned just after school started. The fire was probably caused by a furnace which overheated. It occurred at night. Many citizens tried to save the school by forming a bucket brigade because of lack of water but there was no hope. The school was a total loss. After the fire, many students were taught in temporary classrooms located in churches or other buildings. A new school was built in a couple of years in the very same spot.

There have been many editions to the school since the early 1940s. An elementary school and lunchroom were created in 1954. In 1968 a new gymnasium was constructed. And finally in 1985 the current Hokes Bluff High School on Appalachian Highway was constructed. The old high school became Hokes Bluff Middle School. A new gymnasium at Hokes Bluff High was completed in 1999 as well as a new football field in 2006. This brought all facilities onto one campus for the first time in 21 years.