Anchor Club

Membership in an Anchor Club allows young people to make a dynamic difference in their world through volunteer service...and have FUN while helping others. Anchors learn valuable skills that prepare them to be good citizens for the rest of their lives. They have opportunities to lead and organize service projects and play active roles in club programs. Often they work side by side with their sponsoring Pilot Clubs to promote awareness and provide hands on service to people with Brain-Related Disorders.

Since Pilot International was chartered in 1921, Pilot Clubs have undertaken service projects involving young people and their needs. In 1952, Pilot adopted the program of sponsoring Anchor Clubs. Anchor is now 60 years old and is made up of over 10,000 members.

Anchor Clubs can be found throughout the United States, Bahamas, Japan and Argentina. Anchor Clubs take many forms - some are affiliated with schools; some are not. Some are all female; some are coed. Some are large; some are small. Some clubs in the US are in organized Anchor Districts.

Anchor members discover the importance of working together--no single member can accomplish the service that the members can as a team.

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