I know what you're thinking... Bed sheets? Really?

As it turns out (and you already know where this is going), EVERYONE needs bed sheets. We just so happen to be partnering up with a company who puts out a fantastic product for an equally great price. Everyone we've talked to has only said great things about them.

Here's the deal... 1800 thread count poly microfiber sheets for $42 a set. That includes all sizes! Additional pillow cases can be purchased for $12 a set in standard or king sizes. You can't find this deal at any store.

Our fundraiser will run February 28th - March 14th. All order forms must be turned in by this date in order to avoid running into Spring Break. The shipment is expected to arrive two weeks after the sale ends.

Help spread the word! If you're interested in purchasing a set, find a band member or contact Mr. Staff.

Checks can be made payable to 
Hokes Bluff HS Band.

All profits will be going towards the band's trip to Washington DC.

More information about the sheets along with additional order forms can be found below.

Color Chart and Info Sheet: Click Here

Selling Handout: Click Here

Additional Order Forms: Click Here